The Survivors Outreach Center, Inc.

For the Betterment of Mankind

"We strive to change lives!"


"My experience with the Survivors Outreach program at the Gwinnett Arena was one to remember. My first day helping out was a nerve racking one to say the least but after a short while I got the hang of it, and in the process i made really nice friends. I had a lot of fun while helping out and I want to thank Ms. Heather and Ms. Ivy for giving me the opportunity. I will definitely be helping out again in the near future!"

Jaeden Rettie

January 17, 2016


"I keep getting in trouble in school and needed help. In my senior year of high school my life went downhill quickly. My dad took me to Mrs. Heather and told her to help me. Within two month, Mrs. Heather changed my life and got me out of trouble. She motivated me to be successful and give back to others. Now I am in college and I wouldn't of been here without her help." 

Emeka Onyeagba

September 16, 2015


"I love'd going there , it was an amazing experience for me i liked that i got to know different people there. I would totally go back it was a great experience . I thank Mrs.Heather she's really helped me out alot with alot of things shes one of the most amazing people that i know . Im thankful i got a chance to meet her , shes really willing to help and i love that ."

Ingrith Garcia

January 17, 2013



 "Survivors Outreach Center is there for you, with a number of available services including clinical evaluations, community service, even if you just need to talk. Call Ms. Green at 404 532 9016."

Jacquie Cabrera

January 12, 2013


"We look forward to partnering with Survivors Outreach Center as they assist the many families of New York who have been adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy. We applaud the efforts of organizations like this one, and we thank you for serving our communities!"

Eric Bryant, Gnosis Media Group

November 2, 2012